Noteworthy & Probono

For us, awards is just a bonus, there is more happiness in giving help to someone who really needs us.


Indonesian Achievement Center honored Kartika & Rouly Law Firm in the category of the best Lawyer and in also in Satisfactory Performance with its 2019 Law Firm Partner Award on 20 December 2019. The award is given to the Law Firm with the most positive impact on the Indonesia Achievement Center program either through clinic sponsorship, attendance at clinics by associates and partners, and/or pro bono representation of low-income residents of DKI Jakarta.


Kartika & Rouly Law Firm has long been committed to providing pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations of limited financial means. This commitment is consistent with the ethical responsibility of lawyers. Furthermore, the firm recognizes that it is appropriate for persons licensed as officers of the court, regardless of their department or practice area, to use their training, experience, and skills to provide pro bono legal services for which compensation may not be available.

We are proud that Kartika & Rouly Law Firm won the HukumOnline Pro Bono Awards, for the Most Impactful Pro Bono work in the category of non-litigation.

Kartika & Rouly Law Firm will always be available as a place for those in need of Pro Bono . We will remain committed to helping anyone in need of justice. We believe this is a sustainable endeavor that we must continue.