Labor Law

KA Law Firm is heavily engaged in all types of civil and commercial litigations in the extensive area including banking, finance, insurance, capital market, investments, acquisitions, shareholders disputes, commercial contracts, real estate and construction, energy and natural resources, plantation and media.

The firm has been involved in a number of very important litigation in the area of banking and finance in Indonesian court of law. In the field of energy and natural resources, we have been engaged in significant and complex litigation involving major players in the energy and natural resources industry in various legal issues related to concessions, operation and their commercial contracts.

Our dispute resolution practice serves clients in the real estate and construction disputes. We have extensive experience in claiming and defending clients in relation to lease agreements, purchase contracts and construction related contracts.

The firm also play very significant role in the number of very high profile defamation cases. We have been engaged in important defamation cases for major multinational and domestic media companies in the court of law involving important and very high profile individuals or institutions in Indonesia.