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Kartika & Rouly Law Firm is prominent for its professional yet caring legal service solution to the client’s issues. By joining Kartika & Rouly Law Firm, you will be part of an excellent, professional, and innovative team with highly valued that you start a new step making an impact to the global world.

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Joining Kartika & Rouly Law Firm is the start of a new step to have an Influence Career to your world!
Passion and strength, in Kartika & Rouly Law Firm you get the best of career. We find that our skills helps to sharpen analytical skills and offers a fresh perspective to problem solving. We will still involve Indonesian Law, which We are different in the way we think, work and behave.
We will help you develop a career that will set you apart and open up extraordinary opportunities in the global perspective and the way we sharpening.
Becoming Associates enjoy ready access to knowledge, coaching and mentoring. We work in a collaborative environment that supports and drives client outcomes.
We’ll help you maximize your strength and potential.
Aware, Adjust, Adapt are Framework of us. The legal skills and the personal qualities our people need to be successful at every career stage.
It is the product of careful study of our clients’ and lawyers’ views about what success looks like at Kartika & Rouly Law Firm. A living document, the framework shapes the way we recruit, select, develop, manage and promote our lawyers.
If you interest joining with us, send your CV, Cover Letter and Latest Photograph and submit your CV.